Medal of Honor: Vanguard on Wii

Medal of Honor VanguardMedal of Honor: Vanguard is the 10th installment in the long-running series of Medal of Honor of the classic World War II first-person shooting game. It was developed by Electronic Arts' Los Angeles studio in order for the releasing in the featured game console of Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 2.

Honor these Soldiers

Game Features
In this game, you play as Corporal Frank Keegan, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. Corporal Keegan is transferred later to the 17th Airborne Division after the Operation Market Garden, and before the Operation Varsity.

Vanguard's features are similar to the other Medal of Honor game, the Medal of Honor: Airborne. In this game, you are able to customize the character's weapons, such as adding a scope to a M1 Garand and a larger ammo drum for a Thompson, although these upgrades are only available on certain levels missions only.

At the start of some the levels, players parachute onto a battlefield, and they can roughly designate where they land. Players who land at certain points in a level will be able to pick up weapon upgrades and ammunition. Missions can be played out in different ways depending on where you land and which weapons you obtain.

Content wise, bot versions of the game are the same. However, the Wii version implements the Wii Remote to accomplish such movements as shooting, reloading, making quick turns, jumping, and crouching. These certain actions are accomplished with a standard video game interface on the PS2 version, and also an option on the Wii.

Vehicles have not been included in the final game, as EA wishes to focus on foot battles.

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