Resident Evil 4 Wii Ed Cheats

Unlockable Characters in the Mercenaries
Ada Wong - Get a four star rating or higher in the Pueblo map.
Albert Wesker - Get a four star rating or higher in the Waterworld map.
HUNK - Get a four star rating or higher in the Island map.
Jack Krauser - Get a four star rating or higher in the Castle map.

Resident Evil 4 Screenshot
Alternate Title Screen - Complete the main game once
Ashley's 2nd outfit - Beat the main game once
Ashley's knight armor - Beat Seperate Ways once
Assignment Ada - Beat the main game once
Chicago Typewriter - Pass Separate Ways once
Chicago Typewriter in Seperate Ways clear file - Beat Assignment Ada
Hand Cannon - Get a 5 star in all stages with all characters in the Mercenaries
Infinite Rocket Launcher - Pass the game once
Leon's RPD Uniform - Beat the main game once
Maltilda - Pass the game once
Mercenaries - Beat the main game once
Movie Browser - Beat the main game once
Movie Browser for Seperate Ways - Beat Seperate Ways once
Plagas Removal Laser - Beat the main game on Professional Mode
Seperate Ways - Beat the main game once


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