Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire

Dragon Blade: Wrath of FireThis game is for the Wii from D3 Publisher which was released on September 25, 2007. Dragon Blade follows a young adventurer who seeks six legendary pieces of the "Dragon Blade", each infused with the soul of different guardian dragons. In an attempt to build the ultimate weapon and vanquish evil, the main character of the game embarks on a quest to find and seal away each of the six dragons, taking their souls and abilities in the process.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire is a Hack and Slash game that mixes with Beat'em up and RPG aspects, similar to God of War and Devil May Cry.

In the game, the Wii Remote is used as the weapon held by the main character. At first, it is a sword that can only slash and defend, but as you go through deeper in the game, you gain more weapon transformations. Confirmed usable weapon modes are a dragon fist, two dragon fists, a dragon head, dragon wings and a dragon tail. There are twenty levels in the game, and five worlds. To fight, players can lock-on to enemies and either shoot fire with the dragon head or do various close combat techniques depending on which weapon is being used.

"Gamers have been asking for fun, original games on the Wii and D3PA has answered their call with Dragon Blade," said Alison Quirion, VP of marketing, D3PA. "Dragon Blade stays true to its game design roots by focusing on the pure beat-em-up, arcade style action that gamers love while taking full advantage of the Wii controls to achieve as close to one-to-one motion as possible so players will truly experience the action like never before."

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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic GamesThis is an announced sports game by Sega and Nintendo, and the first official crossover game featuring both Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo and Sega's former rival mascots, along with other different characters from their respective series. It is set for release on both the Nintendo DS and Wii during the Christmas season of 2007, and is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee through exclusive licensee International Sports Multimedia. This will be the first official game of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games to be released, with a more realistic sports game to be later released by Sega in 2008.

Wii NewsMario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
Sega announced to the public that its plans for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games to be one of its top sellers by next year. Sega made the statement at this week's Tokyo Game Show. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is the first official title to feature both the iconic gaming mascots in the same arena. It will be released on the Wii by this year, and has been licensed officially by the Olympics committee. Sega said next year's Beijing games will be a big part in reaching the four million unit target of sales. The publisher did not say when it plans to meet the multi million goal. It took the original Halo more than two years to reach the same number of copies sold.

Game Details
Sega has raced out details for Mario and Sonic partnering in one game entitled Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Finally, this two famous characters get to battle in 20 authentic sporting events, each calling on the help of seven friends to make up the numbers.

Each of the character will have their own strengths and weaknesses, too. Bowser will naturally do well at 'shot put' because he's a bit dumpy, while Sonic will run quickly in his buckled-up trainers. Mario and moustache will be an all rounder player, as always.

You will also be able to play against the AI computer or your friends at single matches, or string a number of events together in a circuit. On Wii, winning will involve replicating the various movements on the screen using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk: pumping your arms to spring or thrusting energetically to fence. Get bored of that and you can try to beat Mission mode made up of the toughest athletic challenges.

There's also a quiz mode and mini-games that appears to be unlockable in the game that uncover all the history of the past Olympic Games - those ones where animals weren't allowed to compete.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games will be released for Wii November 2007 and follow in Q1 2008 on DS.

List of Olympic events in the game:
Shooting - Skeet
Gymnastics - Trampoline
Gymnastics - Vault
Field - High Jump
Field - Pole Vault
Field - Long Jump
Field - Triple Jump
Field - Javelin Throw
Field - Hammer Throw
Rowing - Single Sculls
Table Tennis - Singles
Aquatics - 100m Freestyle
Aquatics - 4x 100m Freestyle
Track - 110m and 400m Hurdles
Track - 4x 100m Relay
Track - 100m and 400m

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Bioshock on Wii

Wii News
This game could be published to Wii, PS3, PS2 and handhelds, according to an analyst in a recent Take-Two report.

In a company update, Mike Hickey, a Janco Partners analyst banked on Take-Two extracting more from the success of the much awaited, critically acclaimed Bioshock, as well as the continues anticipation of GTA IV.

Hickey said that they expect the management could choose to raise its capital by now, leveraging a higher share of price, investor enthusiasm over the GTA IV release, the franchise potential of Bioshock and their strong fiscal "08 guidance".

Don't put your life on hold though - if Bioshock should make it to other formats, Hickey doesn't expect it to happen before fiscal year 2009.

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Call of Duty 3 on Wii

Thrills and excitement defines Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3This game takes place in 1944 during the Normandy Breakout. After landing successfully on the France's beaches, the Allies focused on getting the Germans out of France and liberating Paris, which was under Nazi control at that time. As were the case in the previous game, you are placed in the role of several soldiers, and you'll participate in campaigns for Poland, Canada, Britain, and America. Each country's campaign has its unique storyline that is supposed to get you emotionally involved with the characters, but the stories aren't very interesting; there's a soldier with a strong distate for the French, an overbearing sergeant, and a young radio operator who has been labeled a coward. Though the stories aren't particularly engaging, fighting for four different armies works because it gives you a sense of how much effort it took to wrest control of France the Germans and that it wasn't just the US that lost men and women in World War II.

Call of Duty 3 isn't a run-and-gun FPS, but its not as slow-paced as a tactical shooter. You'll fight alongside CPU-controlled soldiers, and you'll generally need to stay behind cover, pick off as many soldiers as you can, and then advance to the next safe spot. Because there's no health bar in the game, you will be needing to watch closely on your screen when you are getting a hit. As you get shot, the edges of the screen turn crimson and close in around you the more you get hit. Should you fall victim to a grenade or a bullet and not die, all you have to do is seek shelter to recover your health. Because the game's artificial intelligence initially appears "smarter" than in a typical FPS, it can be frustrating to be unable to clear a particular section because of cheap tricks like how new enemies will spawn to replace fallen soldiers in outdoor levels. But once you come to grips with the fact that you can't kill them all, it shouldn't bother you much. You still need to be careful not to shoot your fellow soldiers, the game is enabled on friendly-fire.

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Manhunt 2 by Rockstar Games

Manhunt 2An action horror video game developed by Rockstar Games. This is the sequel to Manhunt last 2003. This game is scheduled for release in North America for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP on October 2007. It was originally scheduled for release in July, buy it was suspended by Take-Two owing to a rating rejection in the UK and Ireland and an AO rating in the US. Last August, it was confirmed that Rockstar submitted a modified version of the game, and it was re-rated with an M by the ESRB which allowed for an October 2007 release date in North America.

In Manhunt 2, firearms can now be used for executions. A new feature to executions in the game are the environmental kills, which can be used to eliminate an opponent. Loud ambient noises can now be exploited by the player to drown out their foes. When hiding within the shadows, if an enemy comes close to the character, the player will have to mimic a combination of buttons or motions in order to regulate the character's breathing to ensure that he remains calm and unseen. Climbing and crawling have been included to increase exploration of new hiding places. The player can now smash lights to create extra pockets of shadow to be used for hiding. Alternative endings is available on this game depending on the game play.

Daniel Lamb - The main playable character of the game. He was a former scientist with "The Pickman Project" but ended up locked away in the Dixmor Institute for the Criminally Insane for six years. Eventually, he has no recollection of who he was before the Project started.
Leo Kasper - The second playable character. A Psychotic inmate who was also put in the asylum by the Project. He appears to be a former government agent.
Dr. Laura Whyte - He is the head of the so called "The Pickman Project".
Dr. Pickman - He is a high ranking medical practitioner within "The Pickman Project". The project seems to be named after him.
Judy - Works at a brothel and holds very valuable information about Daniel.

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Bomberman Explodes on Wii

Bomberman Land WiiWii News
Bomberman Land will be released on the three systems in January 2008. The DS version will be titled Bomberman Land Touch 2. Though it has not confirmed online play for the game yet, publisher Hudson says the game will have an extensive focus on the multiplayer component.

In addition to the classic battle mode that made the game franchise famous, Bomberman Land will include dozens of exclusive multiplayer mini-games. The PSP and Wii versions will each have 50 mini-games, while the DS title will have 40.

According to Hudson, the only multiplayer mode will be for people who are in the same room. The DS and PSP will allow multiple people within close range to play against each other, without requiring each one to have their own cartridge. The DS will support single-pack play and the PSP will support game sharing.

Each version of the game is slated for release in January 2008.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Goes Wireless!!

Wii News
The official Super Smash Bros. Brawl web site has now revealed the details on the online multiplayer features for the upcoming Wii exclusive fighting game. The game will allow up to four players to battle each other online. The game will allow people to play with those they have registered as friends; they will be able to check to see if they are online and will be able to send short messages. Players will also be able to play against strangers but they will not be able to check each other's status or send messages. The game has still not been seen in playable form in public but that may change this week at the Tokyo Game Show. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is scheduled to be released in the US in early December.

Brawl Connection Methods MenuThere are two primary connection methods. The names of these methods are "With Friends" and "With Anyone." The menus and structures of each method are pretty different.

With Friends
Wii friends who have registered one another’s names can play together freely.

Brawl Battle MenuRegister With Friends

If you’re registered as friends, you can check each other’s status. If a friend is online and you earn his or her consent, you can enter a battle.

Brawl Icon MenuEdit your icons

Brawl Short MessagesAnd even send short messages during brawls!

With Anyone
You can also battle with people you don’t know who are looking for brawls. The most important point here is that you will not know each other’s names.

Brawl Battle GroundIf you think of your opponent as a simple scarecrow, any psychological barriers may melt away.

Your opponent will not know your name or any information about you, and neither of you can send short messages. There will also be no battle records kept for this mode, so whether you win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and play.

Now, while you’re waiting for a match to start, you can kill time with a little practice on Sandbag.

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Need for Speed ProStreet WiiWii News
Electronic Arts will release the next game in its Need for Speed franchise for the Xbox 360, Playstation 2/3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PC and mobile devices this fall.

The company today said that Need for Speed Prostreet will be available in North America on October 31. The latest title in the series requires gamers to "build the ultimate battle machine, take it to multi-disciplinary showdowns and pit their skills and reputation against the world’s best street racers."

According to the developer, Prostreet takes users through the stages of designing and building a car, competing in locations around the globe and battling in four racing styles – grip, drag, drift as well as a new "speed challenge." EA said that the game will offer "photo-realistic vehicles and billowing smoke".

This game will take the Need for Speed series in a new direction of gameplay. Instead of an arcade style, which dominated the series, ProStreet will focus much more on realism and move closer to racing simulation, and still with options to use driving assistants to make driving easier and more arcade-like. Unlike its predecessors, all racing in ProStreet will take place on closed tracks, thus making it the first game in the series not animating illegal racing behavior since the Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, hence there will not be any police in the game. Performance tuning will take up a large part of gameplay in a way that even a small adjustment of the shape of a car's body will impact its performance.

ProStreet will feature next-generation graphics aiming for a more realistic feel, and more advanced physics. It will also be the first Need for Speed game to include damage modelling since 2000'2 Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. The new damage system is said to be very accurate, as a collision with any object in the game world may render a car damaged or even useless.

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The Force is Unleashed by Next Year

Wii News
Answering the pleas of many fans, Lucas Arts has officially announced a game that will turn the Wii Remote into a digital light saber.

Media reports from as far back as 2005, when the Wii's controller was first unveiled, often likened it to a light saber. That description will be more realistic than ever when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comes out for the Wii in early 2008.

The Force Unleashed for Wii will port of the same game that is slated for the PS2, PS3, PSP, XBOX 360, and Nintendo DS. It will, however, include an exclusive duel mode that allows two gamers to spar in light saber battles. The control scheme is also likely to be much different with the Wii than it will be on any of the other consoles.

Lucas Arts teased the idea in July, saying of a Wii light saber game, "We're all over that. There'll be some stuff out this fall; it's going to be a lot of fun."

The publisher announced this week that The Force Unleashed would not be available on the Wii until spring of next year. So far it has announced any titles for the console for 2007.

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32-Player Online Wii Game Sets by EA

Wii News
EA has announced that the Wii version of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 will have online support for 32 players, 16 more than what is traditionally offered on the Xbox 360. Isn't this great or what. The more the merrier as they say.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is the first 32-player online game, as well as the first online first-person shooter announced for the Wii. Gamepro reports it will also feature open-ended battling, meaning users can jump in and drop out at any point in the middle of a game. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 will reportedly bypass the friend code system for most features, allowing players to enter matches without already having an established friend list.

It is a big move not only for the Wii, but for the online FPS genre in general. The only Medal of Honor game on the XBOX 360, Airborne, only supports 12 simultaneous players online. Most Xbox 360 titles carry a maximum of 16-player support. The PS3, meanwhile, has games that can handle up to 40 players at once.

EA is one of the first big supporters of the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Wii. In fact, EA has announced more online-enabled Wii games than Nintendo.

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Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers ChargedThis game is also entitled Mario Strikers Charged Football in Europe and Australia. It is a sports video game developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo for the Wii. Football is the sport played in this game. But its not like any ordinary football game, its filled with awesome techniques and amazing power moves rumbling around the court. This game was announced at the 2006 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany as the sequel to Super Mario Strikers for the GameCube. This game was released on May 2007 in Europe, June 2007 in Australia, and July 2007 in North America. This is the second game that supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, through which players can participate in tournaments and online matches. This feature sets Wii apart to many gaming consoles available.

There are two teams battle for possessing the metallic ball. Players that possess the ball can pass using A button and shoot using B button. By holding down B will allow the player to charge its shot. The color of the metallic ball can change depending on how often it is passed. A charged white ball has a much greater chance of going into the goal than a purple colored ball. By using the controller pad, it will allow the player to use a deke to fake an opponent. The deke varies among the captains and sidekicks. Players without the ball can shake the Wii Remote to tackle another player or press on the D-Pad to slide tackle. If opposing players are tackled without the ball, the player's opponent will get an specific item. Pressing A will allow the player to switch between certain characters. Using the controller pad without the ball will allow the player to perform a slide tackle which can gain the possession of the ball.

Online Features
There are two online modes features available here in Mario Strikers Charged. These are the ranked random matches and unranked friendly matches.
Ranked Matches: puts players up against a random opponent and are restricted to players in the same region in order to maintain its connection stability.
Friendly Matches: are casual matches in which players can go up against their friends.

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Pokèmon Battle Revolution

Pokemon Battle RevolutionThis is the first Pokemon game ever released on Nintendo, and its available on Wii game console. This is also the first game to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and the first Wii game to interact wirelessly with the Nintedo DS handheld. Pokemon Battle Revolution features eleven different colosseum in an absolutely new land, a Pokemon theme park known as Pokètopia. Other announced features includes stadiums that have their own special effects, such as randomizing the order of one's Pokemon. Some other effects are choosing the order of an opponent's Pokemon and sets the level limitation.

The game features eleven different colosseum, each with the special changes to normal play pre-requisites and a Colosseum Leader. Six out of ten Colosseum Leaders wear Pokemon costumes. Also, the Crystal Colosseum can hold up to sixteen players, the battles are done in a 16 person tournament game mode. The Gateway Colosseum is only open to a rental pass holder. As the player progresses, the Pokemon available to rent become more powerful. Also as the player progresses, they will earn Poke-Coupons, the only money known in Pokemon Battle Revolution. With this, the player can then further customize its character.

Wi-Fi Function
Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first Pokemon game to go wireless in the US and also the first online game for Wii. There are two online modes featured here; Battle with a Friend, which allows a player to battle a friend using its own '12-digit friend code', separate from the Wii's code, and the Battle with Someone, which lets the player battle against a random opponent.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario GalaxyGameplay
Now, isn't Mario too familiar in this game console? Here's another Mario game for everybody that is to be released this November 2007. Super Mario Galaxy is an upcoming adventure game that is one extraordinary Mario game for Wii. As for the title, most of the game is set out there in outer space along with a different chain of miniature planetoids and other matters can only be seen on space. Mario is capable of jumping or launching from planet to planet in order to gather items and defeat some nasty enemies. Gravity plays a significant role in the game, as each planet has a gravitational force that repels Mario from drifting into space, which allows the player to walk evenly around a complexly rounded surface. The changing of degrees of gravity also have an effect on Mario's ability to jump, and is used to pull Mario towards certain planetoids while in the middle of the air. Like any other 3D Mario games, the main objective here is to collect Stars, which are awarded by completing tasks or defeating different enemies.

As in every 3D Mario game, the health of Mario consists of a power meter, which causes Mario to lose a life if it reaches zero. When the game starts, Mario begins with a power meter made of three sections. Mario has a second and separate health meter that designates his supply of air when swimming underwater, if the meter reaches to zero, Mario will drown. The bottomless pits featured in previous Mario games which cause Mario to lose a life when fallen in have been replaced by black holes, which are stationed beneath the surfaces of certain planets and peppered thoughout space.

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Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

Naruto: Clash of Ninja RevolutionGameplay
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution is an installment or expansion of the Clash of the Ninja series that is set to be released this October 2007. This game is the first Clash of Ninja game that is to be released on the Wii in English version, and is set to be a North American exclusive. D3 Publisher has promised that at least sixteen playable characters will be available to select in the game. Also in an interview, a representative has also stated that some characters not featured in Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 will be featured in the game. Clash of Ninja Revolution covers all the events of the Chunin Exams up to the end of the Search for Tsunade. Clash of Ninja Revolution will use the gameplay engine as Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX. The game utilizes the Nunchuk accessory for the Wii Remote, for basic attacts and for special attacts that require specific movements from both items. The classic controller and GameCube controller are also compatible to use with the game. This is definitely one of the awaited fighting games especially to those Naruto fans. Practice up on the previous Naruto fighting games to get ready to this upcoming released of Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution.

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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Resident Evil 4 Wii EditionStoryline: Resident Evil 4 featuring Leon S. Kennedy, the cop in Raccoon City from Resident Evil 2. Time passes since his first ever mission, and Leon is now working as a United States agent. He is in charge of a top-secret mission to look into the abduction of the president's daughter. His quest will lead him to a strange European location. Follow Leon as he tries to solve the mystery of kidnapping and encounters terrifying horrors and vicious creatures. Swallow your fear and fight through the terror. Explore towns overrun by cultists, mutants and mind-controlled villagers.

Gameplay: Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is an action horror game that uses Wii Remote to aim, fire, slash, and avoid incoming adversaries with intuitive motions and movements. Added Wii Remote and Nunchuk support allows players to immerse themselves in the game as never before. Resident Evil 4 includes the original game plus the playable mode bonus Ada Wong's side-story. Play as Ada Wong in the "Seperate Ways" section and discover five new chapters loaded with secrets.

Resident Evil 4 Cast of Characters
Leon Scott Kennedy - He is a police hired in Raccoon City Police Department together with Claire Redfield. These are the characters originally from Resident Evil 2. Here at Resident Evil 4, Leon is a secret agent assigned to protect the president's family.
Ashley Graham - the president's daughter who is being held hostage by Los Illuminados during her way home. Now, it is the objective of Leon to retrieve her from the enemies.
Ada Wong - A chinese mysterious American woman who is also a secret agent. She is seen also in other Resident Evil video game series.
Luis Sera - a researcher. He got friends with Leon early in the game and turns to help Leon and Ashley in some various locations.
Ingrid Hunnigan - Leon's primary contact in radio and link to the headquarters.
Jack Krauser - one who is responsible in kidnapping Ashley who is hired by Lord Saddler.
Albert Wesker - he was first seen on Resident Evil. A former Umbrella researcher and an Umbrella operative within the Raccoon Police Department.
Osmund Saddler - leader of a cult named Los Illuminados. They are seeking to control the world.
Bitores Mendez - the village chief that Leon meets early in the game. He has superhuman strength.
Ramon Salazar - he is the eighth castellan of the castle that serves as a setting of the part of the game.

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Victorious Boxers: Revolution

Victorious Boxers RevolutionGameplay
A realistic boxing sports game that will absolutely knock you down. This game tends to take the advantage of the usage of Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Simply by acting like a professional boxer, perform some shadow boxing, and execute some boxing moves is the key to the game. The characters are based on the very popular manga anime in Japan, Hajime no Ippo. Victorious Boxers: Revolutions will be featuring a head ups display for the damage and time. To charge up special attacks, the damage meter is also used. Story mode, sparring mode, and a tutorial mode are the three different game modes available to select. Status of the player are shown in between the rounds, like number of punches that have landed.

In the game, initially there are only five available character, the other characters are needed to be unlocked by playing the story mode. There are a total of 25 playable character all in all. As usual, we have to finish the story mode over and over again until we unlock those 20 unlockable characters. Just like in other sports fighting games.

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Super Paper Mario

Super Paper MarioThough originally planned for the Gamecube, Super Paper Mario was held back for Wii release in the much same way as The Legend of Zelda was, and I've got to say, it looks awesome. Word on the Internets is that the game will be released in the US in April and there's no word of a date on our shores yet.

Despite the super cool style of the game, the thing that really gets me excited is the control system. Nintendo haven't just tried to bolt-on Wii remote functionality which would make it feel even more of a port than it already is. You'll be able to control Mario by flipping controller, that's a D-pad and two main buttons. Perfect if you got yourself these decals in fact. Two Mario games due in 2007 for the Wii alone.

Gameplay: Like other Paper Mario games, Super Paper Mario borrows both platforming and rpg elements in its gameplay. "Flipside", a main hub city, is a location provided for Mario and his party to talk to residents, rest, and shop, als o to open doorways to different other worlds. There is also "Flopside" that exist which is a mirror version of Flipside. Flopside will be available in the last half of the game containing improved shops and items. In previous Paper Mario games, there is no turn-based fighting, instead, the player faces its foes directly on screen as in a usual Mario platform game, and through gaining experience and special items, the amount of damage dealt could be increased. Also, the player must watch the party's health, when damaged, it can be restored with special health items. This are some of the insights of Super Paper Mario. There's a lot of things that is very interesting to deal with in this game. Combining the classic Paper Mario games with the latest game release, imagine the quality of the game and its features.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda Twilight PrincessAn action adventure upcoming game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo for the Wii game consoles as part of critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda video game series. It was originally planned to release in November 2005, but it was delayed by Nintendo so that the staff could add more content and refine the game. The Wii version was released on the dates of the Wii launch, in November and December 2006. This makes Twilight Princess the first Zelda game to debut at the launch of Wii console. The Legend of Zelda is very popular among all Nintendo subscribers and users. I consider it a 'legend' myself because almost in all Nintendo consoles, there is a Legend of Zelda game published on it.

The story of the game focuses on Link as he tries to prevent the Twilight Realm from engulfing Hyrule as both a human and a wolf with the help of a mysterious creature named Midna. It takes place many years after Majora's Mask, on the timeline that is created after the events of Ocarina of Time.

In Twilight Princess, Link shares similar moves between human and wolf. For example, when an enemy is on the ground, Link has the option to finish them off by plunging his sword into their chest, in wolf form, he can do this to foes to rip out their souls. Link can communicate with animals in wolf form as if they were people. When transformed into a wolf, Link's sense of smell is improved, allowing him to follow trails left by certain characters in the in the game. However, Link cannot use any of his items, open any doors with handles and climb ladders, and will take double damage from enemies in wolf form.

With an interesting gameplay and characters, I just can't wait to get my hands on this game. Now, to all Legend of Zelda players out there, this is one of the latest games released by Nintendo that is going to be very exciting and a must have game by all players. Featuring the original characters in all Legend of Zelda games and awesome new techniques and skills by Link. Its fantastic 3D graphics that everyone must see.


A Hylian who lives as a farmhand in Ordon Village, where he is eventually expected to become the mayor. Can transform into a wolf to improve his capabilities when needed.

ZeldaPrincess Zelda
She is a member of Hyrule's royal family and plays an integral role in the history of Hyrule.

A member of the Twili, a fictional race of magic-wielders, who have been imprisoned in the Twilight Realm.

The King of Evil. An impressive sorcerer with immense physical strength and mystical power, complemented by his unrivaled cunning and resourcefulness.

ZantUsurper King Zant
A member of Twili who usurps the throne of the Twilight Realm from Midna before the events of Twilight Princess.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. Brawl is an upcoming fighting game for Wii. It is the third installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. Brawl is the first Super Smash Bros. game that features at least one character from a franchise not owned by Nintendo with the inclusion of Solid Snake from Metal Gear. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is to be released on December 2007. This kind of game is very intriguing because they tried to match up different characters and they tend to compare each of them. I found them all unique and of course, not all characters are equal, meaning there is a character who is much stronger than the other character. So try to do some practice on every single one of them to know their abilities and techniques. Super Smash Bros. Brawl also setting a feature to an online access. Be sure to get it as it launches.

The game uses a battle system that is different from the average fighting game. Choosing from multiple unique characters, two to four players can fight on various stages, all while trying to knock opponents off the stage. Instead of using health bars, it features percentage meter. It starts at zero percent, and as character takes damage when hit. When the character is knocked off the stage, they lose either a life or a point depending on the game mode. The characters can attack each other with a variety of weapons, ranging from projectiles to melee weapons. Each item has different effects on the characters near it. Single items and crates and barrels, which often contain an assortment of items, fall onto the stage randomly in a battle.

Multiplayer games especially fighting games like this is fun to play with other players. With the quality of the game and uniqueness of the characters combined together will result to a good and happy experience of playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Invite your friends and enjoy yourselves to this fighting game that will surely leave lots of fun in each and everyone of you. Maybe some bruises if your friend doesn't understand the word 'sportsmanship'.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionAn action shooting video game for Wii developed by Retro Studios published by Nintendo. This is the 10th game in the Metroid series and is the third and final of the main installments in the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The game takes place six months after the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and introduces a new control system based on Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The game was released on August 27, 2007 in North America and in stores on August 28. In August 10, 2007, Nintendo released a preview channel to North American Wii owners via the Wii shop channel, containing storyline and gameplay videos. I have played some Metroid series in the past, full of action and very addictive. In this series, I will not expect much on this, I will just let it to surprise me. I'm excited to play it on Wii, just like playing in virtual reality game.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a 3D 1st-person action adventure game. Players can point the Arm Cannon with the Wii Remote then the Grappling Beam by moving the Nunchuk. You can choose whether A or B button for firing. The C button executes the Morph Ball Mode, and Z locks on targets in the Combat Visor, you can scan object by using Scan Visor, controls Samus's ship using the Command Visor, and guides along magnetic rails in Morph Ball Mode. There is going to be a lot of movements and pointing that needs to be executed in order to stay alive in this game, I think. Maybe playing with this game more often will naturally generate some techniques and fine movements for me. Familiarizing with the buttons and movements is the key to perform better in this game.

Story Line

The Galactic Federation's network computer called Aurora Unit, is completely corrupted with something like a virus. The Federation believes that Space Pirates is behind all this problem. Samus, the heroin of the game, and other hunters leaps to their defense only to find out that the enemy they are facing is Dark Samus, a powerful villain armed with enormous power that no one can withstand.

Samus AranSamus Aran - the heroin of the game. She is a bounty hunter armed with Cybernetic Power Suit with multiple advanced technologies on it. She hunts aliens called Space Pirates and energy-draining alien parasites called Metroids.Dark Samus

Dark Samus - the doppelganger of Samus Aran. She serves as the leader of the Space Pirates in corruption through the use of mind control.

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