GTA on Wii? - No More Heroes

No More Heroes Art Box
No More Heroes is an upcoming action-adventure Wii game. It is directed by Suda 51 (Goichi Suda), developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Ubisoft, Rising Star Games, Spike, and Marvelous Interactive Inc.

Do you remember Killer7? Well, if you do, No More Heroes is not the sequel of it, actually, its an all new game. Even though those two games has common features, Director Suda said that Killer7 is more on political issues while No More Heroes is on social ones.

Travis Touchdown main characterTravis Touchdown is a stereotypical otaku who lives in Santa Destroy, California, a fictional town which is experiencing poverty. Just after winning a beam katana in an online auction, he becomes a hitman that kills another hitman. When Travis kills a hitman, his ranking in the UAA goes up and also he earns money. UAA is something like a government for assassins. Above Travis in the UAA are ten other assassins, high school co-ed Shinobu, and the super powered Destroyman. Of course, as an assassin, there is in need of proper training of having the right weapons to compete with other assassins. Doctor Naomi is the one who provide weapons for Travis and Thunder Ryu is the one who teaches him skills in sword fighting and professional wrestling techniques.

hunt down those assassins!

The player has full control on the main character only. Just like in any GTA series, this game also have a free roaming world, this allows Travis to move around freely on bare foot or on his motorcycle namely the Schpel Tiger. The game play is open-ended, with the concession that the player must kill those assassins above him base on the ranking in order for the storyline to progress. As you go along the game, you will encounter several side quests to earn some money and gain additional weapons.

No More Heroes ScreenshotsNo More Heroes ScreenshotsNo More Heroes Screenshots


Anonymous said...

game looks pretty cool....cant wait for it to come out in english

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