Wiimote Cabinet for Wii fanatics

Wiimote Cabinet image
A Go Nintendo reader by the name of Craig has one hell of a dad. After all, it takes a great dad to build a sweet looking Wiimote cabinet like this. I'm no carpenter but it doesn't look all that difficult to make from a design perspective. You could probably find something similar in your local furniture store. However, the detail work on the front is done quite well. I would love to have one of these in my apartment. It probably won't be all that popular with the ladies, but then again nerdy stuff never is. So who really gives a damn.

We're not exactly sure why folks aren't as inclined to create confections, earrings and door unlockers with those other controllers, but something about the Wiimote just brings out the craftsman in DIY'ers at large. This go 'round, Craig has constructed a functioning cabinet that closely resembles Nintendo's heralded controller. Unfortunately, we have all ideas that it won't actually enable you to participate in any Mario Party 8 mini-games, but considering that there's no wrist strap tacked on the bottom, we wouldn't recommend whirling this about, anyway.

source: gizmodo.com


blogengage said...

Hey this is an awesome find man! I'm not too sure if I would buy it tho LOL

GAIA said...

Nice Cabinet!! How about a XBox or PS3 Cabinet...Id like to have one if I got a chance to find one at the malls..
Anyway, I must say that you are so resourceful, Keep it up and be updated always about what's new on Wii....

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