House of the Dead also on Wii?

House of the Dead Logo
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles has the coveted zombie-lightgun style arcade shooter for the Wii subgenre cornered, but Sega is looking to break Capcom's death grip on the market. Today, Sega announced that it is prepping The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return for the Wii.

As the name suggests, the game includes versions of The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead III in one package. Players will be able to choose from six game modes, including the standard arcade and time attack options, and there will be single-player campaign and multiplayer modes for two players. This won't be the first time these two titles have been paired up; the 2002 Xbox release of The House of the Dead III also included an unlockable House of the Dead 2 for those who beat the game.

House of the Dead Pic

Sega has not specified what changes would be made to the original games, but it did say the game will use the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk (and be designed with the Wii Zapper in mind as well). No price point was announced, but Sega expects the game will ship in spring 2008.

source: gamespot


Caterburry said...

House of the Dead on Wii...I used to play this one in the arcade..good thing there'll be a version of it on wii console...

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